The ratioLIFT FGV range is a special type of handling device. With pneumatic or battery operation, it is used when it is not possible to fix it to the floor or ceiling or the handling tasks are not critical in terms of a time cycle.

The advantage of this floor-guided range is that you can work without having to be tied to a specific location of installation.

The range can be used for a wide variety of applications, as the grippers can also be tailored to meet the individual requirements.

It must be noted that there is a limited working radius with the FGV range and only relatively short, vertical strokes can be carried out.

Special features

  • pneumatic or battery operation
  • foot shape in different designs
  • battery capacity approx. 70 metres of movement
  • individual adaptation of the gripper
  • individual assembly of the basic device using modular components
  • several speed settings
  • three levels of locking brakes
  • spindle drive

Technical Specifications

Model ratioLIFT



Load bearing capacity



Total height in acc. with tech. design


~ 1800

Stroke height range


can be customised

Unladen weight


dep. on tech. design


with airbags

with wheels in diff. sizes

Application examples

  • test rigs for cockpits
  • test rigs for power modules
  • power boxes
  • tow bars
  • attachments on the vehicle
  • attachments in the vehicle
  • handling rollers
  • rear floor